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ABOUT PICS Consulting

PICS Consulting renders services in several jurisdictions and is incorporated in accordance with the laws of South Africa, United Arab Emirates and England and Wales. PICS Consulting is one of the fastest growing global mining consultancy and advisory firms, specialising in management of relocation of communities' projects and development of community engagement models.

PICS Consulting takes pride in offering excellent advisory services on local government, coal purchases and sales, environmental due diligence, international arbitration and mediation.

In conjunction with its other international strategic partners, PICS Consulting provides services such as valuation of mineral reserves, properties, mines and mineral processing plants and an Equator Principles Reviews.


Our vision is to be a prominent mining consultancy and advisory Group with growing influence in the mining industry globally. While focusing on providing reliable professional services to our clients, we are equally committed to competitive working conditions for the professional fulfilment of our employees; and to contributing generously to the well-being of our communities.

President & CEO: Message

Our success is based on the experience, expertise and commitment of a diverse team of consultants with a track record recognized and respected by their peers.
This is achieved through commitment to excellence, discipline, determination, dedication, steadfastness and proven ingenuity and adaptation to new global mining challenges.